Making Sauerkraut

Cutting Cabbage

Whether as a stew, stuffed cabbage rolls or salad, cabbage is not only delicious but also very healthy. It is characterized by a high vitamin C content and its antimicrobial properties. In addition, the tasty vegetable is often fermented to sauerkraut. Learn how to make sauerkraut for yourselves.

Can I pick rhubarb after June?

An old country lore says that you should not pick rhubarb after Midsummer (24th of June). But is that really true?

Tips for Preserving Foods

As fruits and vegetables are ripe and harvested in large quantities, it is necessary to think about how to store and cure food. The most common method is preserving foods.

How to retain the green color of boiled vegetables?

Many housewives and chefs give a small pinch of baking soda to the cooking water when they are boiling green vegetables such as beans or broccoli. The reason for this is that the vegetables retain their intense green color better than without baking soda. But why is this so?

Why does milk become bitter if you add kiwi?

If you combine milk, yogurt or curd with fresh kiwifruit, it will become bitter and viscous. The miscreant is called actinidin. Read here, why the kiwifruit makes milk become bitter.

Which spices / herbs to use with a particular dish?

Spices and herbs play an important role in cooking. They give classic dishes their characteristic flavor. Furthermore they are full of vitamins and secondary metabolites and can help to reduce the usage of salt.

But: which spices / herbs to use with a particular dish? The following table may give you a short overview.

Organic Food Restaurants

In a restaurant, you usually don't know, what kind of ingredience the cook utilizes. So you may want to find a restaurant that exclusively serves organic food. In our database you will find the addresses of Organic Food Restaurants.

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